Ready to get your associate degree from PCC? The first step is to have your requirements checked by a counselor to confirm that you qualify for your degree.  Apply for your degree in Express Phone Counseling OR in a Phone/Video Counseling Appointment!

When to Apply for Your Degree

Apply for your degree after you register for your final classes.  The deadlines to apply each term are listed below:

  • Spring 2020: First deadline - April 30th 
  • Spring 2020:  Second deadline - June 12th*
  • Summer 2020:  August 13th
  • Fall 2020- TBD

* This deadline is for students who:
  • Have never attended another college/university.
  • Have attended another college/university & have already submitted all official transcripts to Admission. 
  • Currently attend another college/university & intend to submit this official transcript to Admission as soon as all final grade(s) are posted.

** Please be advised that Admissions cannot award your degree until all official transcripts are received.  How to Provide Transcripts to PCC

These deadlines are subject to change.  Please check the registration calendar for the most up-to-date information.  


  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the June 2020 commencement has been postponed. 

  • Students completing a degree in Summer 2019, Fall 2019, and Spring 2020 will be eligible to participate in a June 2021 ceremony.

  • Postponement of the ceremony will not impact the awarding of your degree.

  • For more information, visit Commencement.

How to Apply for Your Degree

If you only have credits from PCC, you may request for a degree check or degree petition with a counselor in Express Phone Counseling.  If you have non-PCC credits, the counselor will refer you to a Phone/Video Counseling Appointment.

Go to Express Phone Counseling


If you have non-PCC credits, you may request for a degree check or degree petition with a counselor in a Phone/Video Counseling Appointment.  

Please have your unofficial transcripts ready as an electronic copy for your appointment (when printing from your college student portal, change your printer to PDF to save as an electronic copy or scan your unofficial transcripts as a PDF).

Meet With A Counselor in a Phone/Virtual Appointment