Your Comprehensive Student Educational Plan (CSEP) helps you figure out which classes you need to complete in order to meet your academic goals. Your CSEP will also determine how long it will take you to graduate and/or transfer to a UC or CSU. Use this online service to request your CSEP today!


Received your CSEP but still had questions?  Reply to your CSEP notification email. 

Have not submitted an online CSEP request but would like to ask general questions, speak to a counselor in Express Phone Counseling.

Submit an Online CSEP Request Now

Who is Eligible to Submit an Online CSEP Request?

You may use this online service if all four of the following are true:

  • You are a continuing PCC student (12+ units completed at PCC) with no AP or other college/university credits.
  • You only want to transfer to a UC or CSU or receive an Associate degree or Certificate at PCC.
  • You know your specific academic goal/major.
  • You have received placement for English/ESL and Math in LancerPoint.

If you answered YES to all four of the above statements, please complete your Online CSEP Request. If you answered NO to any of these questions, please make a counseling appointment.

Get More Information

To learn about the different Associate Degree and Certificate options, read our degree and certificate requirements.

If you want to transfer to a UC or CSU, follow the IGETC GE for general education requirements.

If you want to transfer only to a CSU, follow the CSU GE for general education requirements.

Use to look up major requirements for transferring to a UC or CSU. Use our Tutorial for screenshots to help you in using the website.

With so many options, deciding which UC or CSU to transfer to can be hard. Connect with a Counselor or visit the Transfer Center to meet with an advisor or University Rep who can help you make the choice! 

Frequently Asked Questions

To find out which classes you need to meet your academic goals and how long it will take to graduate or transfer to a UC or CSU.

Your program prefers to help you develop your educational plan. Please connect with your program to make an educational plan counseling appointment.  

You may make 1 online CSEP request per semester.

Once your online CSEP is complete, we will email you to check your educational plan in LancerPlan in LancerPoint.

If you have limited academic history, the counselor may want you to get acquainted with the unit load before planning a full comprehensive ed plan. 

If you are currently on probation, the counselor may want you to improve your GPA first and then reassess after, before increasing your units load.

If you prefer a part-time student status, your CSEP will be much longer and it may not be accurate as requirements may change over time or you may wish to take more classes later.  For this reason, it is best to plan for 1 year and then reassess at that time.

If you do not meet the criteria to receive an online CSEP, your request will be too difficult to complete without your input in a conversation setting.  In these situations, our online counselor may offer you a counseling appointment referral so you may speak with a counselor about your educational plan in detail. 

We will always notify you about the status of your request and give you options to get assistance.