When to Meet With A Counselor

Navigating college can be tough, but you don't have to do it alone. Our Counselors are here to help you plan your academics, answer questions, and help you get on the right path to reach your academic goals. Our Counselors are available to meet with you in 45 minute appointments. Just have a simple question? Use our online counseling service to get your question answered by a PCC Counselor without coming in!

Appointments to Create Your Educational Plan

The following are the most critical times you should plan to have meeting with a counselor to make sure you stay on track to completing your education at PCC.

First-Time PCC Students

After you apply to PCC and complete your online orientation, check your English and Math placements in LancerPoint 1-2 days after you receive your PCC/Lancer ID#.  If you do not see placements after 1-2 days, you may request for placement with your High School transcript using our online prerequisite form.  Next, sign up for a New Student Group Counseling session to plan your classes and prepare to register for the first time.

Sign Up for New Student Group Counseling

Follow-Up Ed Plan Appointment

Before you complete 15 units or your 3rd semester at PCC, make a follow up appointment with your counselor to complete your Education Plan based on the major you have selected.  Appointments are filled on a first come, first served basis.    

How to Meet with a Counselor

Additional Times to Meet with a Counselor

In addition to your first-time student appointment and your follow-up appointment, you should also plan to meet with a counselor in order to:

  • Get help with choosing your major
  • Change your major and update your education plan
  • Talk about your academic progress and progress towards graduation and/or transferring
  • Talk about any problems that might affect your academic performance

Ask A Counselor Now

Many times your questions and/or concerns can be solved with quickly with a counselor's help. Use our Online Counseling to ask a quick question and start getting help.