Academic planning is key to completing your degree, certificate and/or major requirements in a timely manner. As a student at PCC, you will make a Student Educational Plan which is an individualized academic plan based on your academic and career goals. Your Educational Plan will serve as your guide for which courses to select each semester so you can stay focused and on track to meeting your goals.

Creating Your Student Educational Plan

A Student Educational Plan is a document that you and your counselor will create together. It will outline which courses you should take in order to reach your academic and career goals.

New Students

One of the steps to enroll at PCC is to complete an Abbreviated Education Plan (AEP). A counselor will help you do this during your New Student Group Counseling session before you register for your first semester at PCC.

Continuing Students

After you have declared your major and decided on your academic goals, you can make your Comprehensive Student Educational Plan (CSEP) which will plan for all the remaining courses you need to take at PCC. Request a CSEP online or use our drop-in counseling to request it in person.

How to Get a Copy of Your Student Educational Plan

If you created an Student Educational Plan with a counselor, you may view your Student Educational Plan online in LancerPoint

See instructions on how to view your Student Educational Plan in LancerPoint.

What Can Affect Your Educational Plan?

It's a good idea to meet with a counselor throughout your time at PCC to update your Education Plan and review your academic progress. However, it's especially important that you update your educational plan if any of the following occurs:

  • You change your major
  • You change your educational goals (i.e. decide to continue on for a Bachelor degree)
  • You change your career goals
  • You go on academic probation or encounter other academic difficulties
  • You have changes in your schedule or personal life that greatly affect the number of units you can take during a semester

If you need to make changes to your Educational Plan, you can come to L-104 to talk to a counselor and set up an appointment to review and update your plan. Additionally, you can use our Academic Planning resources, such as the articulation agreements for transfer, degree and certificate requirements, and the PCC Transfer tool to begin planning your academics and making your course selections on your own until you can meet with a counselor.

How to Update Your Major?

When you decide on a new major, we recommend you also update your major with a counselor so your degree requirements will appear in your LancerPlan degree audit.  You may update your major when you come to see a counselor in person at drop-in counseling, during your counseling appointment, or submit an online request using our online counseling form.  

Questions About the Educational Plan?

Email your question and student ID # to and a counselor will advise you on how to get more information.