PCC is giving second-tier priority registration status to all students who need three or less courses to complete an Associate degree (AA/AS, AA-T/AS-T)!

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Why Apply for PCC Complete?

The PCC Complete is free and simple!  If you qualify, you will get an earlier registration date to make sure that you get the classes you need to graduate on time.

Do you qualify?

You qualify for PCC Complete and will receive priority registration if you answer YES to all three of the questions below AND have never received PCC Complete priority at PCC.

  1. Do you need 1-3 classes to get one or more Associate degrees?
  2. Have you completed 45 to 99 units (courses numbered 1-399) at PCC?
  3. Will you file a graduation petition with a counselor before the PCC Complete deadline?

Deadline to Apply for PCC Complete

You can apply for PCC Complete during these periods:

  • Fall Graduation:  May 1 - June 15
  • Winter Registration for Spring Graduation:  September 15 - October 15
  • Spring Graduation:  September 15 - November 15
  • Summer Graduation:  March 1 -  April 30

Note:  Please submit your request early.  Submissions received towards the end of the deadline will have a delay or may not be processed due to time constraints. 

How to Apply for PCC Complete

If You Have an Active LancerPoint Login:

Submit an online PCC Complete Request/Graduation Petition request.

After you submit your online PCC Complete Request/Graduation Petition request, a counselor will review your request and records.  Once your request is complete, the results will be sent to your LancerMail in LancerPoint.

Processing time is about 2-4 weeks.  As long as the request is submitted during the application period, your request will be reviewed. 

Requests submitted before the application period will be on hold until the start of the upcoming cycle.  

Thank you for your patience. 

PCC Complete Request Form is currently closed and will reopen March 1, 2020.


How will you know your new registration date after you finish applying for PCC Complete?

After you have submitted your request, go to LancerPoint one week before registration begins to lookup your new registration day and time.

Once your PCC Complete status is granted, there is no reversal of your one-time only registration priority.


Still have questions about the PCC Complete? Contact a counselor at counselingdesk@pasadena.edu. Be sure to include your PCC ID #.