Your English and Math placement determines which math and english class you are eligible for.

  • If you are an ESL Student or International Student, you need to complete the Directed Self-Placement.
  • For all other students, your placement is determined by your high school courses and grades. All you need to do is check and understand your placement!

How to Check Your Placement

  • Login to LancerPoint to check your placement (LancerPoint --> My Classes & Academics --> View Placement Results) 1-2 days after you receive your PCC/Lancer ID# via email.  Placements are loaded overnight.  
  • If you do not see your placements in LancerPoint after 1-2 days, you may use your unofficial high school transcript to request for placement through our online prerequisite clearance form.

Understand Your Placement

After you have checked your placements in LancerPoint, you'll be eligible to register for specific courses after your registration date. Before registering for classes, review our guidelines about what your placement means and which courses your are eligible for. 

Understand your Placement