An assessment/readiness test (TEAS) is required. This is a basic test of reading, vocabulary, math and science that is highly correlated with success in a nursing program. A minimum score of 62 is required to apply to the nursing program. Study material to prepare for or help raise your TEAS score can be found in ATI's Smart Prep for TEAS at www.atitesting.com. Register and pay the test fee through ATI and take proctored exam in person or online. Official transcripts must be sent to PCC Nursing for consideration in admission. Students who apply that have met all other admissions criteria and do not meet the established TEAS eligibility criteria will be given the option to participate in a TEAS remediation plan. After successful completion, students are eligible to retake the TEAS exam and reapply for entry into the nursing program. If the remediation plan is not complete by the deadline, the student is encouraged not to retake the TEAS exam or re-apply to the program.  The TEAS exam transcript must be uploaded with your online nursing application.

If you have previously purchased your TEAS transcript to be sent to Pasadena City College ADN program electronically, you will not be able to resend your TEAS transcript if you are reapplying to the program. Once the TEAS transcript has been sent electronically, it will be saved in our system. You must upload a PDF file of your TEAS transcript to your application each time you apply.

Currently, ATI TEAS 6 and TEAS 7 scores will be accepted.

NOTE: Beginning with the August 1 through August 15, 2023 application, only the TEAS 7 score will be accepted.

Eligibility FAQs

Note:  Online lab courses will be accepted.  Pass/Fail grades for lab courses will be accepted for the Spring 2020 semester only.

No. All prerequisite coursework must be taken for a letter grade.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic the prerequisite courses taken for a ‘P grade in the Spring 2020, Summer 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021 and Summer 2021 will be accepted.

No, prerequisite courses can be taken at other regionally accredited colleges/universities in the U.S.

There is no recency requirement. Courses do not expire. We will accept courses taken over 10 years ago. The RN program strongly recommends courses be taken within the last five years.

If a student repeats a prerequisite course the highest grade will be used. There are no limitations on how many times a student can repeat these courses.

All prerequisite(English 001A, Anatomy 025,Physiology 001, Microbiology 002, and Chemistry 002A) courses must be complete in order to be considered in the selection process. 

Advanced Placement (AP) of these courses will be calculated as follow: Score of 5 = A, Score of 4 = B, Score of 3 = C

No. To be awarded points, courses must be completed with a grade posted on the transcript to be considered.

Yes, students who hold a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution in the U.S. will need to complete: Nutrition 011, Sociology 001, Psychology 024 or Psychology 001, Speech 001 or 010, Statistics 050, Critical Thinking in order to graduate from the ADN program however, courses listed under the ‘Additional GE Requirement for the RN Program’ are waived.

No, however it is strongly recommended that you consider completing as many of the GE courses listed under ‘Nursing Specific GE’ and ‘Additional GE requirement for the RN program’ to be awarded additional points. Students admitted without having complete all GE’s will be required to complete the course by the end of the RN program.

Note: The courses listed under ‘Additional GE Requirements for the RN program’ are waived for students with a regionally accredited Bachelor’s degree from the U.S.

No. Students that have completed the LVN program at PCC will earn five additional points.

No. Submission of an application does not guarantee admission.  A multi selection criteria process is used for selection will be used to select all eligible applicants.

Selection Criteria

No, as of Spring 2019 students with an associate degree will no longer earn 5 points.

Graduates from the PCC LVN program will receive 5 additional points towards the Career Ladder LVN to RN program option and 5 additional points for having an LVN license.

For the RN Program  application cycles, we receive 400-600 applications.  Typically 28-32  students can be admitted per application cycle. Among the admitted students, the points can range from 75-90. For the Career Ladder Program, we receive 100-125 applications. Typically 16 - 18 students are admitted per application cycle. Among the admitted students, the points range from 62-90. For the generic RN and Career ladder options, if a large number of applicants have the same number of points students will be chosen by random selection.

Starting 2019, students will no longer receive points for volunteering.


We do not keep transcripts or applications on file. We shred prior applications and transcripts after the completion of the selection process. Therefore, if you are reapplying, you must resubmit transcripts and applications each application period. PCC’s RN program does not have a waiting list.

Yes, the majority of clinical sites require students to complete a drug screen within 2 weeks of starting at the hospital.

Yes. Applicants may apply to both programs. If selected for both, the applicant must choose one program for admission. Cannot be enrolled in both programs at the same time. Applicants must complete an application for both programs which includes all documents required for each program.

A Social Security Number is required to apply to the program because the majority of clinical facilities require an social security number to access patient electronic records.

Applicants will be informed by email approximately 10 weeks after the close of the application period.

A general report is required for students who have a high school degree from another country. A comprehensive report is required for students who have attended post-secondary education in another country.  Note: the Nursing program does not require a high school transcript.

Students interested in the bridge programs must first be admitted into the RN program at PCC, and schedule an appointment with the Nursing Counselor to determine whether they have fulfilled the additional course and GPA requirements. Program courses for the BSN bridge are held in the summer sessions. After completing the two year RN program and BSN bridge classes in the summers, students will have one addition year of BSN coursework left to complete. Financial aid is not available for the summer bridge classes. Students can receive financial aid in the final year of the BSN program. The cost of each program varies and can range from $350-$566 per unit depending on the University. Our bridge partners include CSU Los Angeles, CSU Fullerton,CSU Northridge, Azusa Pacific University and University of Phoenix.

Two official sets of transcripts are required from each college you have attended.  Two official AP scores are also required from college board.  One set of official transcripts from each college attended must be submitted to the Office of Admission & Records upon acceptance to the program.  The second set must be opened by the applicant and uploaded to the application.  The transcript must be scanned and saved as a pdf file. Other types of files will not be considered.  Applicants who only submit official transcripts to Admissions & Records but do not upload transcripts to the application will not be considered.  Late submission will not be permitted.

If you have a health care license (BLS/CPR cards are not a license) you must provide a copy of your license scanned and saved as a PDF file with your application. Licensure must be current - expired licenses will not be considered.

High school transcripts are not required.


Nursing students must have the ability to communicate safely, accurately, and effectively in both written and spoken English. To enhance success, these students are encouraged to enroll in Speech 010, HLSC 115, and additional speaking and listening English courses. 

The average annual salaries for RNs are $60,000 - $90,000 and vary greatly depending on geographic location and health care setting. Some hospitals like Kaiser pay their BSN higher than ADNs while other hospitals pay them the same if they do the same work. Many hospitals are no longer hiring ADN nurses. Students should plan on continuing their nursing education to the BSN, Master’s level, and Doctorate of Nursing Science.

Individuals applying to participate in the Registered Nursing Program at Pasadena City College who have previously attended or were dismissed from another nursing program may be asked to submit a letter of patient safety in clinical practice. The Nursing Program Director from the nursing program the student attended should provide the letter. The patient safety letter should be addressed to the Dean of Health Sciences, who will share the letter with the Pasadena Nursing Program Director to determine if any other action needs to be taken.



Students admitted into the Generic or Career Ladder RN options must earn an Associate degree. Eligible LVN students admitted into the 30 unit option are not required to earn a degree for licensing.

PCC has partnered with Azusa Pacific University to provide a program that will allow students to earn both RN and BSN within six semesters.  Students will take courses at PCC and APU simultaneously each Fall and Spring semester for four semesters, in addition to completing two summer terms with APU.  This program differs from the bridge programs as it is shorter in length and students will earn their BSN one summer term after graduating from PCC's ADN program.  In addition, students will take RN and BSN courses simultaneously starting in their very first semester.  See Nursing Counselor for details.  Please note: at this time international students are not eligible to apply for this program.