The Registered Nursing program offers elective courses to enhance the student’s educational knowledge. The elective courses are not required for completion of the program. Students must be currently enrolled in the nursing program or hold a valid nursing license to be eligible to register in the elective courses.

Basic Cardiac Dysrhythmias (NURS 211)

Provides nursing students and registered nurses with an opportunity to become proficient in interpreting and applying basic cardiac dysrhythmias in clinical practice. Pass/no pass grading. Total of 18 hours lecture.

Enrollment Limitation: Enrollment in the registered nursing program or licensure as a registered nurse.

Intravenous Therapy And Blood Withdrawal (NURS 216)

Intravenous therapy and blood withdrawal concepts, principles, and techniques including methods for performing IV therapy and blood withdrawal, basic IV review, and advanced theory including maintaining PICC lines, potential complications, evidence-based practice and professional standards. Emphasis is on the acquisition of venipuncture and blood withdrawal skills. Pass/no pass grading. Total of 36 hours lecture.

Enrollment Limitation: Acceptance into the registered nursing program.

Nursing In A Transformed Health Care System (NURS 208)

Clinical skills instruction based on up-to-date nursing knowledge and a conceptual framework of best nursing practices empower nursing students of all levels to discover what they need to know and how to engage with multidisciplinary healthcare providers. 8 weeks. Pass/no pass grading. Total 27 hours of lecture and 36 hours laboratory.

Enrollment Limitation: Acceptance into the Licensed Vocational Nursing to Registered Nursing Program.