Program Prerequisites

The following courses must be completed prior to applying for admission to the program. Selection is based on these requirements.


The following courses are required for the Career Ladder Nursing Program and Associate Degree. We strongly recommend to complete these courses prior to entering the nursing program.

  • Psychology 024- Lifespan (birth to death); BRN requirement
  • Political Science 001*
  • Nutrition 11 - Human Nutrition
  • Physiology 100 or Physiology 1A and Anatomy 25 (later also meets prerequisite requirements for the Career Ladder LVN-RN Program)
  • Pre algebra courses: Math 401A and Math 401B or Math 402 or higher level courses in algebra
  • PCC Assessment Test score showing placement eligibility into English 1A

During the Program

Semester I
  • Nursing 108
  • Nursing 123A
  • Nursing 125
  • Nursing 125L
  • Nursing 125S
Semester II
  • Nursing 108B
  • Nursing 123B
  • Nursing 126
  • Nursing 126L
  • Nursing 126S
Semester III

(Summer Intersession)

  • Nursing 127
  • Nursing 127L

Use the resources below to see full course descriptions and check on the availability of courses in a given semester.