Program Prerequisites

The following courses must be passed with a 'C' grade or better. You may apply if a prerequisite course is pending.  However, applicants completing all prerequisites prior to applying for admission will have priority.


The following are required to apply for the LVN program. 

  • Valid California Nursing Assistant (CNA) license
  • Nutrition 11 - Human Nutrition
  • Psychology 024 - Lifespan (birth to death)
  • Anatomy 25 - Human Anatomy
  • Physiology 001 - Human Physiology

Students who want to continue their nursing education and enter the Career Ladder LVN to RN program must meet all the prerequisite courses required for the Career Ladder LVN to RN program and have a valid California LVN license. You must complete the Career Ladder LVN to RN application.

During the Program

Semester I
  • Nursing 108A
  • Nursing 122
  • Nursing 125
  • Nursing 125L
Semester II
  • Nursing 108B
  • Nursing 126
  • Nursing 126L
  • Nursing 124
Semester III

(Summer Intersession)

  • Nursing 127
  • Nursing 127L