Prepare for Emergency Medical Technician Certification and a Career in EMS.

The Emergency Medical Technician program is designed to prepare you for certification as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in the state of California. It is a rigorous course with an overall focus on the pre-hospital phase of emergency care.


Emergency Medical Technology certificate consists of two courses (total 10 units). (EMED 101A) is a 9.5-unit lecture/laboratory course and the co-requisite (EMED 101C) a 0.5 unit lab/field course offered during the fall, spring, and summer sessions. 

Course Preparation: Before registering for the course,  you are required to have a valid AHA CPR/Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers Card. However, we do offer HLTN 1001 course where you can obtain your CPR card. Additionally it is advisable to have proof of current immunizations, including influenza vaccination, COVID - 19 vaccination, and proof of a negative tuberculosis screening test (within the 6 months).

Course Description: Selected topics in human anatomy and physiology. Diagnostic signs and interpretations of illness and injuries. Development of skill in procedures of emergency rescue and care. Preparation for certification for Emergency Medical Technician. Scope of practice not to exceed requirements as outlined under Title 22. Minimum grade of a C is required for Certificate of Completion.

Lecture: Will include selected topics in anatomy, physiology, patient assessment, and emergency care.

Lab: We cover over 50 separate skills relating to emergency care during the semester. You must demonstrate proficiency in each skill.

Course Requirements and Supplies: You will be responsible for submitting a health questionnaire and obtaining our textbooks, syllabus packet, uniform and required equipment.

Estimated Program Costs:  The total estimated cost is $1,365.00. Prices are subject to change.

  • PCC Registration fee for 10 units = $460.00 (based on California Resident fee of 46.00 per unit)
  • Textbook = 130.00 - 150.00. Used textbooks are acceptable to purchase.
  • Skills Guide = 15.00 at the PCC Bookstore.  It is also available electronically as a PDF file at no charge to the enrolled student.
  • Uniform = 140.00 The Uniform required for the ambulance ride-alongs include the following: dark pants (25.00-30.00), white dress shirt (25.00-30.00), basic black boots (25.00-50.00), belt (10.00), watch with second hand (10.00-20.00).
  • Health Requirements = The following health requirements must be completed for the EMED 101C course:  Proof of Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccination (86.00), Covid vaccination (free), Negative TB (tuberculosis) test* (15.00-52.00), Mask Fit test for N95 (50.00)**, student health questionnaire.  Prices for the health requirements are from the Pasadena City College Student Health Services Office.  The Student Health Services Office charges 18.00-22.00 for a non PCC student administrative fee for services for PCC programs only.  Costs may be higher if the requirements are completed at an outside provider.
  • Blood Pressure (BP) cuff and Stethoscope = 50.00-80.00. These items are optional and are used outside of class time for practice.
  • National Registry Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT) Exam = 80.00 for each attempt. The NREMT exam is for the state licensing exam.
  • Live Scan fee = 40.00-70.00 fee varies by location
  • State License (Certification fee) = 190.00

*15.00 for TB skin test per test or 52.00 for a Quantiferon (blood) test

**The Health Sciences Division is currently paying for the Mask Fit test

Program Completion: This one semester certificate program is designed to prepare you for certification as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in the state of California. It is a rigorous course in which the overall focus will be the pre-hospital phase of emergency care. Receiving a certificate of completion makes you eligible to take the state certification exam, NREMT Exam, for EMT. Minimum grade of “C” is required for certificate of completion.

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There are no additional application requirements for the EMT Course. Just complete the application and enrollment steps to attend PCC, and register for EMED 101A and the co-requisite EMED 101C course

All classes are filled on a first come, first served basis as determined by student registration priority.

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