Start Your Career as an Advanced Pharmacy Technician

The Advanced Pharmacy Technician program educates students with didactic and laboratory experience. The program encompasses emerging and innovate technology in preparation for an advancement as a Pharmacy Technician with the skills needed to work in hospitals, compounding pharmacies and with IV fluids. The program curriculum is designed to meet and align with standards established by the California State Board or Pharmacy. Successful completion of this program will allow students to apply for roles as sterile compounding pharmacy technicians. On average, Pharmacy Technicians working at hospitals, clinics and compounding pharmacies earn more than those working in retail pharmacies.

  • Program Length:
    2 semesters 

  • Program Completion:
    • Occupational Skills Certificate
  • Program Accreditation:

Program Description

The Advanced Pharmacy Technician program is designed to prepare current certified pharmacy technicians and
students who recently completed pharmacy technician programs the opportunity to expand their scope of practice to include hospitals, clinics, or compounding pharmacy practice. Completion of the Advanced Pharmacy Technician
program will increase employability and the possibility of wage gain for completers as they gain the required
knowledge and skills to apply for work opportunities as Sterile Compounding and Intravenous fluid preparing
pharmacy technicians.

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Applications windows are:

  • April 11 - June 15: Admission to the program will begin with the first course in the summer intersession
  • July 18 - September 1: Admission to the program will begin with the first course in the Fall intersession

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