Please find information and updates regarding the Nursing Programs during PCC's period of campus closure.

Where do students find out their class info for Nursing classes offered on campus? 

On-campus class information for nursing students are posted to their nursing course canvas. 

Where do they find out their placement in fieldwork?

Student placements at hospital clinical sites are emailed to students as soon as the clinical sites have confirmed availability. Changes in clinical site availability is fluid and can change rapidly. Nursing faculty contact students through Canvas, PCC email, and texts with any new information regarding clinical placement availability.

What are the sanitization and PPE practices for on and off campus Nursing classes?

Nursing students and faculty follow universal precautions and current CDC recommendations in all areas of practice. Minimum precautions include masks, handwashing, social distancing, and environmental cleaning. N-95 masks, goggles, gowns, gloves, shoe, and hair covers are used as needed based on safety and patient status. 

Can Nursing students opt to sit out during this time period, and if so, are they guaranteed a spot when we’re “back to normal”? 

PCC Nursing students have always been able to defer a semester for personal reasons and have been encouraged to defer during the COVID emergency if the students or their family members may be at high risk. Students currently in the nursing program receive first placement in nursing courses. Students who have deferred are placed as clinical space is available. We anticipated being able to have all deferred students re-enter the nursing program when they are ready, but clinical placement availability is never guaranteed. 

Will the nursing program be accepting applications for a Spring 2021 starting cohort?

The nursing program at Pasadena City College remains committed to providing a high-quality education to all accepted students. The program did not accept a Fall 2020 entering class due to displacement from clinical affiliate sites in the Spring of 2020 due the Coronavirus Pandemic. As such we are committed to helping students who have matriculated into the program complete their Board of Registered Nursing required clinical educational experiences. We are pleased to announce our Associate Degree Nursing program has resumed clinical education experiences with many of affiliate healthcare facilities and we anticipate opening the application period this Fall, for a Spring 2021 starting cohort. Please continue to check the PCC Nursing Program Website for the most updated information regarding the application process and timelines. The most current information for all nursing programs can be found using this website.