Counseling is not conducting business in-person until further notice. The following Remote/Online counseling services are available during this time.

Make a Phone or Virtual Counseling Appointment

You can book a 45 minute phone or virtual (video meeting) academic counseling appointment by using the link below. We welcome any student to use this general counseling appointment booking platform. To prepare for the appointment, please read through the confirmation email sent to you after booking.

  • If you select phone, expect a call at the phone number you have listed in LancerPoint.
  • If you select virtual (video meeting), you will be sent a link to enter a Virtual Lobby in Cranium Cafe

Make a Phone or Virtual Counseling Appointment

Additional Remote Services

When you use Online Counseling, you send/email your question(s) to a counselor through our online form. Your message will be reviewed and your questions answered by a counselor. The more information you provide, the more thorough and accurate we can be. You will receive a response in a timely manner based on counselor availability (generally within 4 business days, M-F).  

Use Online Counseling

We are currently converting our New Student Counseling sessions (for students new to PCC without prior college transcripts) to an online format. Please check back early May for more information on how to meet with a counselor to prepare for the Summer/Fall 2020 semesters!

In the meantime, please complete your online orientation and check your English and Math placements in LancerPoint. If you do not see your placements, you may request placement using your high school transcript through our online prerequisite clearance form.

  • B2S online is a class in Canvas for students who are on stage 1 probation. If your current academic standing is Stage 1, you should see B2S in your Canvas portal. The goals of B2S are to give you the knowledge and tools necessary to get you back to Good Standing as soon as possible. We believe in you and know you can do this! We are here to help you every step of the way.
  • After completing B2S online in Canvas(this can take approximately 20-30 minutes), please book your 45-minute phone or virtual academic counseling appointment.
  • If your academic standing is stage 2 probation or you were dismissed from the college, please book your 45-minute academic phone or virtual counseling appointment.

The Prerequisite Office is fully online and can assist you with your prerequisite clearances, challenges, and placement using high school transcript and/or other university/college transcripts.

Request Prerequisite Clearance/Challenge/Placement

You can use this online service if all four of the following are true:

  • You only have credits at PCC and no AP or other college or university credits.
  • You only want to transfer to a UC or CSU or receive an Associate degree or Certificate at PCC.
  • You know your specific academic goal/major.
  • You have received placement for English/ESL and Math in LancerPoint.

If you do not meet the above criteria, we recommend you book a 45-minute phone or virtual academic counseling appointment to ensure accuracy and a more collaborative educational planning experience.

Request an Online Educational Plan

You can file for your degree during the Fall, Spring, or Summer. Once you register for your final semester, you may apply. The degree petition term deadlines for Spring are as follows:

  • Deadline 1: April 1 (Your name will be published in Commencement book)
  • Deadline 2: June 15 (Your name will not be published in Commencement book)

Apply for Graduation Online

You qualify for PCC Complete if you meet the following criteria:

  1. Will register for your final classes needed to complete your degree(s) in the upcoming term.
  2. Completed 45 to 99 units (courses numbered 1-399) at PCC.
  3. Have a minimum 2.0 GPA (courses numbered 1-399) at PCC.
  4. Have not received PCC Complete priority registration in a previous term.

You may apply online during the following periods to receive an earlier registration date for the terms listed:

  • Summer 2020: March 1 - April 10
  • Fall 2020: May 1 - June 15

PCC Complete Request/Graduation Petition