1. Log into LancerPoint (https://lancerpoint.pasadena.edu/)
  2. Click on My Classes & Academics then click on LancerPlan

  3. Check if major listed is accurate.  If accurate, scroll down to view your degree audit for your major and general education requirements.

  4. If it is not accurate, you may submit an online request to update your major or go to L building to see a counselor.
    OR you can do a “What If” to check your desired degree requirements.

  5. To get your What If audit, select

    1. Degree type (AA or AS-T or AA-T, etc.)
    2. Major
    3. General Education (GE) pattern
    4. Click on “Process What-If” to get your audit.

  6. Scroll down to view your audit.

    Green checks mean the requirement is met.

    If requirement is not met, “Still Needed” in red will appear for the area with a list of class options to select. 

  7. Check your earned units and GPA.
    For the AA, AA-T, and AS-T degrees, you need to have 60 or more earned units (PCC Courses 1-99) and a minimum of a 2.0 GPA.
    For the AS degrees, you will need to have 60 or more earned units (PCC Courses 1-399) and a minimum of a 2.0 GPA.

  8. If you would like to check which areas/requirements you have completed without current enrolled classes, you may run a “What If” without including in progress classes.