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To schedule an EOPS virtual counseling appointment, please go to your CANVAS EOPS Resource Center page.  

For additional assistance, please email eops@pasadena.edu or call (626) 585-7439.  When emailing or calling the EOPS office, please indicate your full name and PCC student identification number.  If you have changed your phone number, please email or call the EOPS office to provide your updated contact information.  


To request advisement or counseling services from the STARS program, you may send an email to STARSfostercare@pasadena.edu

Counseling and Advisement

Effective September 22, 2021 - until further notice, all counseling and advisement appointments will occur online or by phone unless an in-person appointment is requested by a student in advance of the appointment. Students can request an in-person appointment by contacting the EOPS office by phone at (626) 585-7439.

Group Counseling 

To access group counseling, please go to your CANVAS EOPS Resource Center Announcements page.


All EOP&S students have access to one-on-one tutoring in both math and English. Tutoring sessions are conducted online via Zoom by appointment only. Complete our Tutoring Appointment Request Form to start receiving tutoring services.

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Contact Us

The EOPS/CARE and Foster Youth Programs team may be reached the following ways:

Email: eops@pasadena.edu (for EOPS/CARE/NextUp students) or STARSfostercare@pasadena.edu (for STARS students)

Canvas: EOPS Resource Center - Fall 2021/Spring 2022

Phone: (626) 585-7439, please clearly state your full name, PCC student identification number, and phone number.