Fall 2019 Completion Dates

Requirement: Complete three (3) counseling contacts by the
recommended completion dates. Additional appointments are
available as needed.

  1. EOPS Counselor Contact: Complete by 09/27/2019
    The first counseling appointment is to develop your Educational
  2. EOPS Counselor Contact: Complete by 11/01/2019
    The second counseling appointment is for progress updates; this
    may be 15 minute appointment.
  3. EOPS Counselor Contact: Complete by 12/13/2019
    The third counseling appointment is for planning your next
    semester and/or revising your Educational Plan.

NOTE: Only one counseling meeting per week will be counted. All
counseling contacts must be completed with an EOP&S Counselor.

To schedule an appointment, you may visit the EOP&S office in
L-107 or call to schedule an appointment at (626) 585-7439.