As a currently enrolled EOP&S student, you will be able to receive the following services and support:


The EOP&S office has a comprehensive academic and personal counseling service to assist you in student and personal development. Our counselors can help you with:

Educational goal and planning, including transfer plan, degrees and certificates (AA/AS/etc.) planning
Career exploration
College Success Strategies
Referral to on-campus and off-campus resources
Academic advisement and help with pre-requisite clearance, course sequence info, academic holds, and more.
Completing your graduation petitions
Counseling Appointments 

All counseling and advisement appointments will occur by phone or  online.   

To request an EOPS appointment you may:

  • Send an email to or call (626) 585-7439.  Please indicate your PCC ID#, full name, phone number and availability.
  • Access the CANVAS EOPS Resource - Spring 2020 page to schedule a virtual EOPS appointment (limited availability). 

Group Counseling 

Group counseling is facilitated by an EOPS Counselor or Success Coach.  Each semester we offer various group counseling topics, such as:

Financial Aid and CA Dream Act
Career Exploration
Transfer Success 
Time Management 

To access group counseling, please go to your CANVAS EOPS Resource - Spring 2020 page.

Priority Registration

Priority registration allows you to enroll early and helps make sure that you get the classes you need. Your priority registration is automatically applied to your LancerPoint account.


All EOP&S students have access to one-on-one tutoring in both math and English. Tutoring sessions are done in the EOP&S office and available by appointment only. Complete our Tutoring Appointment Request Form to start receiving tutoring services.

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Financial Aid Support

In our office we have an EOPS Advisor dedicated to helping EOP&S students specifically. The EOPS Advisor can help you with applying, petitioning, and reinstating your financial aid. Visit our office to schedule a time to meet with our adviser.

Scholarship Assistance Program

We offer a variety of resources to help you find and apply for scholarships. Each semester, we hold several workshops that go over how to use PCC's scholarship online system, Academics Works, as well as other off-campus resources. Additionally, our counselors will help you with your letters of recommendation and provide you with scholarship referrals (sent by EOP&S staff).

Transportation Services 

Each semester you can choose to receive a free bus pass or a PCC parking permit. To receive these, come to our office BEFORE you apply for your permit or pass.

Book Vouchers 

Book vouchers are reserved for EOP&S students who are currently fulfilling their EOP&S Commitment. These funds will go towards paying for your required textbooks for enrolled classes. Before you buy your textbooks, call or email our office for instructions on how to receive and redeem your book voucher.

Cap & Gown Assistance

Ready to graduate? We offer some financial help towards buying your cap and gown. Visit our office to learn more.