Get started in EOP&S. Follow the easy steps below to apply and begin receiving services.

  1. Be an Enrolled Student at PCC

    New to PCC? Before you apply to EOP&S, you will need to apply and enroll at PCC. Learn more on how to get started

  2. Apply to EOP&S 

    Complete the online EOP&S Application.

  3. Application Review & Acceptance

    After you apply, our team will review your application to make sure you meet our eligibility requirements. It typically takes 3 weeks to process applications. Once it is reviewed, we will send you an email to update you on the status of your application.

  4. EOP&S Orientation

    After you been accepted to EOP&S, you will attend an orientation to learn about the services available to you as well as your responsibilities as an EOP&S student.