As the omicron variant of COVID-19 continues its unprecedented surge, PCC has made the difficult decision to move the first two weeks of the Spring 2022 semester completely online. From Monday, Jan. 10, to Friday, Jan. 21 campus is considered closed to the public and most classes, student services, tutoring, and other support services will be offered remotely.

Our goal is to create an inclusive and equitable campus.

The Cross Cultural Center (CCC) is the center for equity and social justice programs on campus. We bring speakers on campus, and plan programs and field trips that support students’ success, broaden understanding across differences, raise awareness of power, and empower students to make a difference. All of which will help students think critically and develop their leadership skills.

The Cross Cultural Center is looking for Student Interns. To apply and for more information, visit the Cross Cultural Center Student Intern Application

EXTENDED: Deadline to apply is January 16th, 2022

Events & Programs

Our events and programs provide opportunities to learn about social justice and are always free for students!

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The Cross Cultural Center is generously supported with grants from the Student Services Fund. The CCC encourages all students to spend their dollars on campus as a means to continue the support of all Student Service Fund Programs.