Meet the Team

Our EOP&S, NextUp, and Foster Youth team is dedicated to providing you with over and above services. We are here to support and encourage you during your time at PCC.


Carlos "Tito" Altamirano
Carlos "Tito" Altamirano Director
DJ Clifton
DJ Clifton Intermediate Clerk II
Krissy Rexha
Krissy Rexha Administrative Assistant
Fernando Serrano
Fernando Serrano Technician
David Sigala Gomez
David Sigala Gomez Educational Advisor


Tania Aban
Tania Aban CARE & EOP&S Counselor
Laura Araiza-Rojas
Laura Araiza-Rojas CARE Coordinator & Counselor
Avisha Chugani
Avisha Chugani EOP&S Counselor
Nayeli Garcia-Zermeno
Nayeli Garcia-Zermeno EOP&S & STARS Counselor
Stephanie Hall
Stephanie Hall NextUp Coordinator & Counselor
Rita Meneses
Rita Meneses EOP&S Counselor
Dr. Maribel Morales
Dr. Maribel Morales EOP&S Counselor
Giovanni Paz
Giovanni Paz EOP&S & NextUp Counselor
Priscilla Rosales
Priscilla Rosales EOP&S Counselor
Miguel Sandoval
Miguel Sandoval NextUp Counselor
Carmen Tatenco
Carmen Tatenco EOP&S Counselor
Manuel Teposte
Manuel Teposte EOP&S Counselor

Success Coaches

Stephanie Cardenas
Stephanie Cardenas Foster Youth Success Coach
Joanna Echeverria-Martinez
Joanna Echeverria-Martinez EOP&S Success Coach
Emalie Mendoza
Emalie Mendoza EOP&S Success Coach