We are in the process of making some changes to your college Zoom account.

Starting on Monday, August 16th:

  1. New Zoom meeting invites will start with “pasadena-edu.zoom.us” instead of “conferzoom.zoom.us”.
  2. Your old Zoom login will still work, but you can also login with your LancerPoint username and password by using this URL:
    1. https://pasadena-edu.zoom.us/signin 
    2. You can also get to this signin page by clicking on the “Sign In with SSO” option and then typing in “pasadena-edu” for the Company Domain.

  3. If you join a recurring meeting that was scheduled before the migration, you may receive a pop-warning that states:

    Join External Meeting
    You are joining an external meeting that does not belong to “pasadena-edu.zoom.us”.  Are you sure you want to join?

    It is safe to disregard the warning and click the Join button.

  4. New employees that join the District after August 16th will no longer need to go to https://www.conferzoom.org to sign up for a Zoom account.  New Zoom accounts will be automatically created when new employees log in with their LancerPoint username and password at the following URL:  https://pasadena-edu.zoom.us/signin
    1. New employees will need to always log into Zoom with the “Sign in with SSO” option.

Why is this happening?

PCC is working with the Chancellor’s Office to absorb management of these accounts, which will allow a number of benefits for PCC staff and faculty. Specifically, PCC will be able to upgrade the Zoom integration with Canvas, implement easier login procedures, enable HIPAA compliance for specific users that need it, and eventually roll out additional customizations and add-ons.