The District shall replace Smart Classroom AV equipment on a 8-year refresh cycle.

If your department has a need for a new Smart Classroom AV System, please follow these guidelines to determine the funding source:

Smart Classroom AV Refresh Funding Guidelines


ITS Funded

Strong Workforce Funded

Instructional Equipment Funded

Standard Classroom


CTE Classroom



Conference Rooms




If your Department has a need to refresh a Smart Classroom please contact the ITS Help Desk by visiting or by emailing by

Current Standard Models

Current Smart Classroom AV Standards

Equipment Type

Manufacturer and Model


Epson BrightLink 735FI Laser Projector

Smart Board

Epson Easy Interactive 100” Whiteboard

Touch Panel

Extron TLP Pro 725m

AV Switcher

Extron IN1808 IPCP SA

Document Camera

Epson DC21


Dell Optiplex 3080 Small Form Factor


Dell 22” Monitor


Spectrum Industries

Blue Ray Player

Denon DN-500BD Rack Mounted


Extron Flat Field Ceiling or Wall Mounted

Accreditation Standard - ACCJC Standard III. C.2

The institution continuously plans for, updates and replaces technology to ensure its technological infrastructure, quality and capacity are adequate to support its mission, operations, programs, and services.