The District shall replace security camera equipment on a 10-year refresh cycle.

All security cameras will be installed, maintained and refreshed by Information Technology Services.

Current Standard Models

The District is standardized on Verkada security cameras, which is a hybrid-cloud solution.  Security camera footage is stored on each camera, but cameras are monitored and managed via the cloud.

Current Security Camera Standards

Equipment Type

Manufacturer and Model

Security Camera - Indoor Dome

Verkada CD51 Indoor Dome 5MP

Security Camera - Outdoor Dome

Verkada CD51-E Outdoor Dome 5MP

Security Camera - Indoor Mini Dome

Verkada CM41 Indoor Mini Dome 5MP

Security Camera - Outdoor Mini Dome

Verkada CM41-E Outdoor Mini Dome 5MP

Security Camera - Fisheye

Verkada D80 Fisheye 180º 12MP

Security Camera - Outdoor Zoom

Verkada CB51-E Outdoor Zoom 5MP

Security Camera - Outdoor Telephoto

Verkada CB51-TE Outdoor Telephoto 5MP

Viewing Station

Verkada VX-51 

Accreditation Standard - ACCJC Standard III. C.2

The institution continuously plans for, updates and replaces technology to ensure its technological infrastructure, quality and capacity are adequate to support its mission, operations, programs, and services.