Yes, you will continue to be covered by the district’s benefits as long as you maintain a full time paid working status.

No, your coverage will end by the end of the month when you started working less than 75%.

Your district paid benefits will be terminated on the last day of the month that you go on an unpaid status. However, you are eligible to enroll into COBRA coverage.

Yes. You do need to notify benefits if you are partaking of the Cash-In-Lieu plan.

Eligible dependents children will have coverage until the end of their 26th birthday month. COBRA coverage will be offered to the dropped dependent after the final day of coverage has come to past. The COBRA coverage is sent via certified mail to the employees address.

If the dependent is disabled, coverage will continue. However, a doctor’s note will need to be submitted on a yearly basis.

You have 31 days from your Benefits Eligible Appointment Date to sign up for benefits.

No, do not wait till you receive the Social Security Card. Please notify benefits as soon as your child is born. You only have 31 days from the baby’s birth to add her or him to your benefit coverage through Department of Human Resources.

Your ineligible dependent(s) will be automatically removed from the plan within 31 days of their 26th birthday. Coverage will stop at the end of the month in which the dependent reaches 26. The ineligible dependent may continue coverage through COBRA for an additional 18 months.

To add a spouse to the health/dental/vision/ and life insurance plan, you must login to your Plansource account and create a life event within 31 days of marriage. You will be asked to upload supporting documents. Supporting documents will include a marriage license or a court document. The coverage will be effective the first of the following month you notify our office. To change beneficiaries on life insurance you may also do this on

Pasadena Area Community College pays 100% of all full time employees benefit premiums. This includes medical, dental, vision, basic life, basic accident and dismemberment insurance for all employees and their eligible dependents. In addition, the district pays for long-term disability insurance for the employee only.

If you see a deduction on your paystub you may have signed up for voluntary benefits such as the one listed below:

  • Additional Life Insurance
  • Additional Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • Additional Spouse Life Insurance
  • Additional Spouse Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • Additional Child Life Insurance
  • Additional Child Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • TakeCare Wage Works Flexible Spending Accounts (Medical or Dependent Care Accounts)
  • Computer Loan Program
  • AFLAC policies
  • Pet Insurance (Nationwide or United Pet Care)

We are not Medicare experts we recommend that you visit your local social security office. What we can tell you is that you have three months before you reach 65, the month you reach 65, and three months after to apply for Medicare. You must be retired to apply for both Part A & B. Your spouse will also need to apply if he/she is 65.

You may apply for Medicare part A since it is free, but you are not required to until you decide to retire.

This is a question for STRS, PERS, or APPLE. We are not retirement experts and cannot tell you when to retire. We recommend that you make an appointment with a retirement specialist at STRS, PERS or APPLE.

As long as you remain an active full time employee, your benefits will continue and you do not need to apply for Medicare.

You can only increase your FSA if you have a life-qualifying event. However, you can never reduce the amount.

It does not cover orthodontia. Only MetLife does.

You may visit the link below, which has our benefit guide and our benefits summary. If you have a unique question, we can find out from the insurances directly. However, because of HIPPA regulations we may have the carrier contact you directly.

As a full time employee, you qualify for benefits at the beginning of the month following your start date. For example if you start working on October 2nd then your benefits would start on November 1st. Alternatively, if you start working on October 1st your benefits will be effective that day.

Usually it takes Kaiser and Anthem about two to three weeks from your start date to mail them out. They are mailed to your home address once your completed enrollment form is received by the insurance vendors. You may also request a new card by calling the vendor or on the self-service online webpage with that vendor.

Eyemed mails them out. However, we have online access to print them if you have not received them.

If you leave Pasadena City College and have insurance, you may be eligible to continue your coverage under COBRA.

The first thing to do is contact member services at Kaiser or Anthem and find out why. Contact the benefits office if you are unable to get your claims problem resolved after contacting Kaiser or Anthem.