As a PCC student, you will have access to several different need-based services. Here is a list of programs available to you and links to where you can find out more information!


This program offers you educational assistance if you are a student from an economically and disadvantaged background, and can even provide you with financial assistance if you are eligible. For more information, please visit the EOP&S website


This program is available to currently enrolled PCC students who are a recipient of AFDC/TANF, named in the AFDC/TANF case, and who are receiving adult benefits. Through this program, you will have access to child care funds, a paid work/study job, and various other benefits. For more information, please visit the CalWORKs Website

Veterans Benefits

Special financial assistance is available to veterans. Go to the Veteran's Services Office to find out more! 

Montgomery GI Bill® & Active Duty (Chapter 30) Program