If you are not a US Citizen or permanent resident but are attending college, you may still be eligible for financial aid through the California Dream Act!

What is the California Dream Act?

The California Dream Act allows students who are not US Citizens or permanent residents but meet AB 540 Criteria to apply still for and receive non-state funded scholarships to help pay for college. Originally authored by Assembly Member Gil Cedillo (Los Angeles), it became law through the passage of two Assembly Bills, AB 130 and AB 131.

AB 130 allows students who meet AB 540 criteria to apply for and receive non-state, privately-funded scholarships for public colleges and universities. 

AB 131 allows students who meet AB 540 criteria to apply for and receive state-funded financial aid such as institutional grants, Cal Grant and Chafee Grant.

Download PCC's AB540 Financial Aid Brochure  

Who Is Eligible?

You are eligible for the Dream Act if you meet the following AB540 criteria:

  1. You are not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States

  2. You attended a California high school for a minimum of three years or you have credits earned at California high school that are equivalent to three or more years of full-time high school coursework and a total of three or more years of attendance in California elementary schools, California secondary schools, or a combination of those schools. 

  3. You graduated from a California high school, passed the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) or got a General Equivalency Diploma (GED, also called the General Educational Development test) or other state-authorized high school equivalency exam such as HiSET or TASC.

  4. You are entering as a current student at or are currently enrolled at a California Community College.

  5. If required, you will complete an affidavit stating you have filed (or will file when you are eligible to do so) for proper immigration status.

How to Apply

If you are eligible based on the above criteria, complete the Dream Act Application. This link will allow you to complete a new application and make corrections to an existing application. 

When applying, make sure to enter the school code for Pasadena City College (001261).

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