Hixon Teacher Preparation Programs

Hixon Teacher Preparation Program


Founded in 2000 at Pasadena City College, and as a result of a large donation by the late Alexander and Adelaide Hixon, the Hixon TPP was created in order to provide a support system for students pursuing a career in teaching.

The program provides both curricular and transfer information components for the prospective teacher and helps PCC students streamline the process to become a TK-12+ teacher and simultaneously achieve a bachelor degree and teaching credential upon transfer to a four-year institution.

What Program Services Do We Provide?

Some of the many services the Hixon TPP provides students are:

  • Hixon Resource Center for students to study, print, practice presentations, and much more (Child Development Center-219)
  • Transfer and teaching pathway information
  • Academic advisement 
  • CBEST test preparation and study sessions
  • Education courses aimed at preparing equity-minded and effective classroom teachers, including EDUC 13 (Introduction to Elementary Teaching), EDUC 30 (Teaching as a Profession) and others!  
  • Internship opportunities, including a partnership with Polytechnic School in Pasadena
  • Yearly scholarship opportunities
  • Invited speakers in the teaching field across a variety of topics
  • Partnerships with local colleges and universities, including several Cal States, to help PCC students transfer into Bachelors/Teaching Credential programs
  • Workshops on various topics in education
  • Job preparation  

... and so much more!

Sign Me Up! What Do I Have to Do to Join the Hixon Program?  

Any PCC student interested in a possible career in teaching (elementary, middle school and high school, or beyond) is eligible to join the Hixon program and receive its many benefits. You can be from any major and at any point in education at PCC. To join, complete our short application.

Hixon Teacher Prep Program Grads

Congratulations to some of our past program grads!


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