Receive an educational stipend and support services through the Child Development Training Consortium! If you are currently employed in licensed child care and taking class/classes toward a State of California Child Development Permit, you may be eligible!

How to Receive a Stipend

Follow the steps below to create an online student profile application and be eligible  for services through the Child Development Training Consortium. 

Step 1 - Complete the Student Profile Application Online

The Student Profile Application is located on the Child Development Training Consortium Web Site at  

Set Up a Student Profile with the Child Development Training Consortium

  1. Go to
  2. On the home page, under “Services Provided”, select the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Student Career and Education Program link (or from the Services tab).
  3. On the ECE Student Career and Education Program at CA Community Colleges page, locate the yellow box on the right that states “CDTC Campus Students: Enroll in the ECE Student Career and Education Program Here:"
  4. Select the “Student Profile Application” link.
  5. Select the Create Account link and fill out the information on the form (this will allow you to access your Student Profile in future semesters). 
  6. Follow the 5 Steps below to  either create a new Student Profile Application or edit your existing Student Profile Application located on the “Student Profiles Workspace”:
      • Enter your Personal Information OR Update the” My Personal Information” section by selecting “Edit” if necessary.
      • Create a new Student Profile by selecting “Add a Student Profile” link - Complete the form and select the “Save” button at the bottom of the form.
      • To make changes to your existing Student Profile Application, select the “Edit” link OR to submit the completed Student Profile Application to your College Coordinator, select the “Submit to CDTC Campus Coordinator’s Review” link.
      • Select “Yes” to send to your College CDTC Coordinator and then select the “Submit” link. Note: you will no longer be able to edit your profile after sending to Coordinator
      • Select the “Download and print the PDF version” link and print form (for the current semester).  Have your employer complete Section C, (Employer or Self Employment Information) and obtain the required printed name and title, and employer signature. Submit the completed 2 page printed copy of the Student Profile form to your coordinator by the specified due date shown below.  

Step 2: Submit the two-page printed copy of the student profile to CDTC Coordinator on Your Campus

Funding for the Child Development Permit is available through the Child Development Training Consortium and issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. See your Child Development Instructor for advisement and approval of your application for this permit.