Philosophy courses at Pasadena City College seek to answer fundamental questions about knowledge, life, and human nature. Take a course to satisfy a General Education requirement or to prepare to transfer and earn a degree in the social sciences.

Philosophers do not fear the big questions. We know that the answers to questions of existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language allow us to more meaningfully direct our focus.

By studying Philosophy at PCC, you will be studying general questions about the nature and structure of the world and our place in it. As a philosophy student, you will acquire skills in the philosophical method, critical thinking, writing, and analyzing and evaluating complex arguments. You will also learn how to clearly present both sides of an argument and to evaluate various perspectives critically. By preparing to continue studying philosophy at a four-year university and completing your degree, you will be prepared to pursue a career that requires high-level analytic reasoning skills.

Each semester we offer a variety of Philosophy courses. Use the links below to see full course descriptions and our current offerings.

Lower Division Major Courses

Planning to transfer and major in Philosophy? Most of our courses satisfy lower division requirements for a Philosophy major at several colleges & universities. Please use the Transfer Center's Articulation resources to make sure that these courses transfer to the university of your choice!

Transfer Articulation Resources

Satisfy GE Requirements with Philosophy Courses

Get a foundation in Philosophy and fulfill your GEs. Many of our courses satisfy CSU GEs, IGETC Requirements as well as GEs for some private and independent institutions. Visit the Transfer Center for a list of requirements as well as resources to make sure these courses satisfy GEs for your degree or transfer plan.

Review Transfer & GE Requirements

A degree in Philosophy can give you the advantage if you plan to pursue a career in:

  • Law
  • Computer Science
  • Business
  • Education

Join the Philosophy Club to engage and interact with like-minded Philosophy and humanities students!

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