Prior to admission to the Keck Biological Technology Program, applicants must:

  • Complete online application
  • Submit a copy of official transcript(s) from previous college(s) attended
  • Apply for admission to the college through the PCC Admissions Office (if you are a new PCC student)

Please read and understand the information below:

  • Admission to the Keck Biological Technology Program is conditional upon successful completion of Biology 102A.
  • Students successfully completing three (3) semesters of Biology 102(A-C) are expected to enroll in Biology 102D, an internship in the community.
  • Students in the Keck Biological Technology Program are obligated to adhere to all OSHA and other pertinent laboratory safety and ethical standards as explained during the course(s). For safety reasons, all communications in the laboratory must be carried out in English.
  • Completion of Certificate Program takes approximately 2 years.

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