The Natural Sciences Division at Pasadena City College offers students opportunities to learn and grow as individuals, scientists, scholars, and well-informed citizens. We provide students access to excellent science education in a supportive environment, where all students learn by direct experience with the methods and processes of scientific inquiry. Classes are taught to ensure that students learn not only the important relevant facts, but also the process of science and how to develop their critical thinking skills.

Each area of study within the division has a dual mission of educating students preparing for careers in the fields of science, health and engineering, as well as preparing general education students to become scientifically literate citizens. Our division encompasses more than a dozen disciplines and programs, including anatomy, astronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering, environmental studies, geography, geology, health education, laser technology, microbiology, physics, physiology, physical science, and biotechnology. Nearly all courses offered include hands-on laboratory experience or active learning. Additionally, many courses and programs also include fieldwork as part of the learning experience.