Dear PCC Community,

We want to thank Dr. Gena Lopez, Armia Walker, and Ujima/Blackademia for authoring and presenting Academic Senate Resolution 20.5. At PCC Library, we strive to “provide a comfortable, safe and accessible learning environment for all library users” in accordance with our stated mission and outcomes. However, we recognize that equitable service for our Black students, faculty, and staff is perennially threatened by systemic racism that has been present in our institutions since the colonization of this land. We at PCC Library stand with and for Black Lives. We stand in solidarity with our Black community members in steadfastly affirming that Black Lives Matter. 

PCC Library faculty and staff are making it a priority to not only raise awareness of Black voices, but also to provide a learning environment that promotes social justice. To ensure that our work can be held to account, we will begin examining our services and practices to meet the clearly stated demands of Black students, faculty, and staff throughout our campus. Our goal is to provide access to an environment and resources that support Black empowerment, anti-racist action, and campus-wide allyship at PCC and in the greater community.

We exist to support the PCC community and strive to meet the information needs of all PCC students. However, we cannot be inclusive for all students, staff, and faculty until Black Lives and experiences at PCC and in the greater community are valued and Black voices are heard. For this reason, we are not neutral when it comes to racism. We stand against systemic racism and resolve to reject anti-Black and racist conduct and policies in our shared, community spaces.

We are listening and, in turn, we are acting.

In solidarity,
PCC Library