The PCC Library is committed to providing all students, faculty, and staff with disabilities with access to the library’s services and resources. We provide a number of services, resources, and technologies designed to assist you if you have a special need.

One-on-one research help

If you need help with developing research strategies for your assignments or information needs, our librarians can help! We can't provide time-intensive individual services such as reading to you, but we have assistive technology and other resources that can help you in the library.

Get Additional Help

You can contact the Disabled Students Program and Services (DSPS) Office for more information and tutor recommendations at:

Library Resources for Students with Disabilities

Assistive Equipment

CCTVs (Print Enlargers)

We have a black and white CCTV located in the textbook area on the main level of the library, just across from the Circulation Desk.


We have scanners in the textbook area on the main level of the library. These scanners can take digital images which can then be enlarged.

Assistive Computer Technology

The DSPS Assistive Technology Center can train you in how to use the assistive computer technology and adaptive equipment in the library. 

Assistive computer in the library:

  • Windows computer on adjustable height table. Computer has a 22" monitor, Internet access and a Plustek OpticBook flatbed scanner. Located in the Research Zone computer lab on the lower level of the library.

Software available on assistive computer:

  • Jaws 17.0
  • Kurzweil 3000 ver. 14
  • ZoomText 10
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking ver. 13.5
  • Microsoft Office Suite 2013 (including Word, PowerPoint and Excel)

For computer and equipment help or training, contact PCC's Assistive Technology Specialist at:

Phone: (626) 585-7127


Office: D-209

Assistive Software on all Library Computers

Library lab computers are available to all PCC students and include the following features and software:

  • Windows Ease of Access Center (Magnifier, Narrator, On-Screen Keyboard, Windows Speech Recognition)
  • Jaws 17.0 – screen reader
  • Kurzweil 3000 – text to speech
  • Learning Ally – audio books for students with blindness, visual impairment and dyslexia
  • Zoomtext 10 – magnifier

Printed Books

Braille Books

We have a small collection of Braille books that are shelved on the main floor along the wall at the end of the Reference collection.

Special Services (SS) Collection

These books are designed to assist students with disabilities and students who read at a nontraditional college reading level. Each item has a calculated reading level. For example, R.L. 7.5 refers to 7th grade, 5th month (interest level is also noted in a similar fashion).