Instructor Reserves are located behind the library’s Circulation Desk and may be checked out by currently enrolled students only. Any student in any PCC class may check out any Reserve item.

We can place books or DVDs on Reserve. Instructors must bring the physical items, along with a completed Instructor Reserve form (see below), to the Circulation Desk. Instructors may choose the loan period of the items from the available choices on the form, and they may be removed from Reserves at any time, at the instructor’s discretion.

Library-owned materials may be moved to the Instructor Reserve section on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to put a library-owned book or DVD on Reserve, please limit your selections to no more than ten per semester.

All items, whether instructor- or library-owned, require cataloging and processing before they will be on the shelf and available to students. Please allow a minimum of two business days before sending your students to the Library to use the materials. This processing time is often longer during the first two weeks of each semester. To ensure your items are ready for student use at the beginning of a semester, consider bringing them to the Library during the previous semester.

Please note: this service is only for items the instructor or the Library already owns. If you wish to make a recommendation of a title you think the Library should have available, please use the Suggest a Purchase form.

Download Instructor Form