Employees who are unable to work for reasons related to Covid-19 must notify their supervisor and fill out a California Supplemental Paid Sick Leave (CSPSL) Request Form.

* If you do not have a case with PCC Covid Support on file, you will need to submit supporting documentation to Barmey Ung @ bung1@pasadena.edu

* Employees should initially use their paid sick leave during the time they must be away due to Covid. Once your CSPSL request form has been approved and processed, your paid sick leave hours will be returned and converted into Covid Paid Sick Leave

* Hourly employees who do not have Paid Sick Leave hours, or not enough to cover the time they must be away, should not enter any hours for the time they must be away due to Covid. These employees will be paid for this time once their CSPSL request form is approved and processed.


If you have tested positive for COVID19, have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID19, or have come into contact with someone you suspect may have COVID19, please isolate yourself and fill out a Covid Support Form. Someone from PCC’s Covid Support Team will contact you within 24 hours of the next business day with instructions.

COVID-19 Related Sick Leave