PCC has resumed on-campus operations and instruction. While the college is open, students, faculty, and staff will be required to follow extra precautions to keep us healthy and safe. Please review our campus access, testing and vaccine requirements.

A Career in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) is Waiting for You!

Interested in STEM? Strengthen your math and science skills and become college-ready in Upward Bound Math Science. We support you as you work to earn a high school diploma and prepare you to pursue a post-secondary degree and career in STEM.

100% of UBMS students complete their secondary school education.

94% of UBMS students enroll in a postsecondary education program.

female UPMS students attend a female in STEM in event.

Why Join Upward Bound Math Science?

"Upward Bound Math Science has provided a family and support system that I can count on whenever I lose my way."

PCC Upward Bound Alumni
  • Attend our summer programs with intensive math and science training.
  • Access year-round academic instruction, tutoring, counseling, mentoring, and cultural enrichment.
  • Get computer Training
  • Have the opportunity to conduct scientific research under the guidance of faculty members.
  • Receive education and counseling aimed towards improving your financial and economic literacy as a student.

Ready to get started?

Review our eligibility criteria to see if Upward Bound Math-Science is a good fit for you!