We work within three High Schools in Pasadena and five in El Monte to identify students who have the ability and desire to attend college, but are not sure how.

You are eligible for Talent Search if you are:

  1. Enrolled in grades 8-12 at a TRiO Educational Talent Search School: 
    • Blair High School
    • John Muir High School
    • Pasadena High School
    • Rosemead High School
    • Arroyo High School
    • Mountain View High School
    • El Monte High School
    • South El Monte High School
  2. A US Citizen or Permanent Resident. Or you can provide evidence from the Immigration and Naturalization Service of your intent to become a permanent resident.
  3. First generation college student (parent did not receive a 4 year degree)
  4. Low income (based on Federal Trio Program guidelines)
  5. Have a 2.0+ cumulative GPA
  6. Show potential and desire to attend college
  7. Have a demonstrated academic need and show a need for the program services offered to accomplish your educational goals

Meet the Eligibility Criteria?

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