As a student in the Upward Bound program, you will have access to the following FREE activities and services.

Saturday Academy

Our Saturday workshops teach you valuable skills including time management, study skills, and career/college preparation. 


Tutoring is exclusive for Upward Bound students and gives you academic help in a variety of subjects. Tutoring takes place weekly at each of our five target high schools.

Field Trips

You will benefit from cultural enrichment through our trips to fun places such as the Pantages Theatre, Dodger Stadium, Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland and Six Flags Magic Mountain.

College Tours

Through Upward Bound, you will get to visit a variety of colleges and universities across California and learn about their academic programs.

Summer Program

During our six-week summer program, you will take high school prep courses for which you can earn elective credits towards high school graduation. You will complete the first three weeks at PCC. For the next two weeks, you will live and study at Cal Poly Pomona, giving you a great introduction to college life. The final week is our college tour to either San Diego or the San Francisco area.