Follow the steps on this page to get started with your classes at PCC. Watch the accompanying videos for even more help getting through this process.

New International Students with No University or College Experience

You are highly recommended to join a live International Student Group Counseling session online and before the registration period starts to learn about the registration system and recommended classes for which to register you.

International Group Counseling #1

November 20, 2023 | 7:00PM to 8:30PM (Los Angeles Time) 

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International Group Counseling #2

November 21, 2023 | 7:00AM to 8:30AM (Los Angeles Time) 

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If you cannot attend an International Student Group Counseling session online, view the pre-recorded video for additional guidance on recommended classes for your first year.

Pre-Recorded Group Counseling Session

Returning Students, Students with University/College Credits and Continuing Students

Speak with a counselor to plan your classes, make a semester education plan, or get your college or university transcripts reviewed. Need help to book an appointment? Call our office or view this video to learn how.

Make an Appointment

Registration Steps

Follow these steps to register for your classes. 

Start by logging in to your LancerPoint account. If this is your first time logging in, you will need to activate your LancerPoint account

Activate your account by following all the prompts. You do not need to provide your Social Security Number (SSN) if you do not have one. You will choose 3 security questions and provide answers. You will set up your password by following the instructions and click "Submit." Once activation is complete, return to the login screen using your username and the password you just set up.

How to Activate your LancerPoint Account

As an international student at PCC, you qualify to register for your classes early. New and returning students may register for classes before you arrive in the U.S. in person. 

If you starting classes in the Fall or Spring semesters, you need to take minimum of 12 units. If you are starting classes in the Summer, you need to take a minimum of 5 units. 

Below are recommended classes for new students. Returning and continuing students should refer to their Educational Plan on LancerPoint or schedule an appointment with your Academic Counselor through PCC Connect to discuss your Educational Plan. 

Recommended Classes for New Students

Subject Classes Units
English or ESL Please complete the Directed Self-Placement in your Online Orientation to check your English or ESL level. 4 Units

Math 003 (College Algebra)

For Science, Technology, Engineering, Math majors or Business majors transferring to UC or USC


Statistics 050 (Elementary Statistics)

For Liberal Arts, Health Sciences, and Social Sciences majors or Business majors transferring to Cal State Universities

5 Units


4 Units

First Year Seminar

College 001 (First Year Seminar)

A required class to join the Pathways program at PCC

3 Units
General Education (GE)

Choose one class from the recommended GE courses below:

Anthropology 002
Biology 011
Dance 021A or 021B
Geography 001 or 002
Humanities 001 or 004
Music 021
Psychology 001 or 021
Sociology 001
Cinema 007A or 007B

3 Units

What if I feel my course placement is incorrect?

If you feel that your course placement for English (ESL) and/or Math is incorrect, an Academic Counselor can help make that change during a one-on-one appointment through PCC Connect. Please make sure you prepare any proof that shows your competency in the subject (example: college transcripts, AP or IB exam scores, etc.). 

How to Book an Appointment with a Counselor

Before your register, view the Schedule of Classes online to check for class dates, times, instructors and locations. To use the Schedule of Classes, first select the Term for which you would like to search. In the Course Level field, select Credit. Select the Subject you are searching for. Then click the Search button.

F-1 international students cannot take classes at Rosemead or High School locations.

How to Use the Schedule of Classes

Glossary of Terms:

Cap: indicates the maximum amount of students that can enroll in the class.

CRN: stands for Course Reference Number. You will need to know the CRN number in order to properly register for the course.

Date: column indicates the start and end date of each class, and the total amount of weeks the class meets.

Meeting Time: indicates the days and time the class meets. M stands for Monday, T stands for Tuesday, W stands for Wednesday, R stands for Thursday, F stands for Friday, S stands for Saturday, and Su stands for Sunday.

Location: tells you where the class will meet. International students must take classes that meet directly on PCC's main campus. Classes that are on the main campus will usually begin with a letter to indicate the Building location, followed by a three-digit classroom number. Do not register for any class that has "PCC Rosemead" or "high school" as its location.

Prerequisite: means that you must meet a requirement by taking another class or a placement test before enrolling in a course.

Rem: indicates how many seats are still available in the class.

Units: units the class is worth. Econ 001A is 3 units. International students must be enrolled in at least 12 units every Fall and Spring semester.

Log into LancerPoint and find your registration date under My Classes & Academics. Add your registration date and time to your calendar so you do not forget!

How to Check your Registration Date and Time

Follow the steps below to gain earlier registration dates:

Registration Dates Steps to be Completed

Earliest Registration Date

Must complete:

  1. Orientation 
  2. Learn how to register for classes watching the recording of our group counseling session here
  3. Sign up for Pathways JAM
Second Earliest Registration Date

Must complete:

  1. Orientation 
  2. Learn how to register for classes watching the recording of our group counseling session here
No Priority Registration

None of the above steps completed


Log in to LancerPoint and follow these steps: 

  1. Find the “Registration” card.
  2. Click on the “Add/Drop Classes” option if you already know which classes you want to register. If you do not know which classes to select, view the "Schedule of Classesor read more on recommended classes in Step #2 in this checklist. 
  3. Select the desired term in the drop-down menu and click the “Submit” button.
  4. Enter the CRN (Course Reference Numbers) in the rectangular boxes. Remember that the CRN number is found next to each course in the “Schedule of Classes.” Once you have entered the CRN numbers, click “Submit Changes.”
  5. Students must pay for their tuition and fees at time of registration. You have until Friday before classes start to complete all outstanding payments. If fees are not paid on time, all your classes will be deleted from your schedule. Partial payments are not accepted.

How to Register for Classes