Have questions?Learn the most commonly used terms in PCC's Registration Process!

PCC’s student portal; it’s where you’ll go to register for your

classes, find out about your financial aid award, and access your PCC email.


The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum – IGETC (I-get-see) – is a series of courses that California community college students can complete to satisfy the freshman/sophomore level general education requirements before transferring to most colleges and majors at UC campuses.


Students register for their classes in pre-determined order. Certain groups of students, if they meet eligibility requirements, receive priority and can register before others. Some classes close very quickly so having priority registration is a huge advantage.


a course you must complete with a satisfactory grade before you can enroll in another


two or more courses that you must enroll in at the same time


important information that appears below an individual course section and is related to a specific CRN. If you have chosen to register for a section of a course that has a footnote, please read it carefully. The section may, for example, be restricted or have specific course content.

a group of students in the same program who move through a series

of courses together


Depending on the size, courses may be divided into one or more sections. Each section of the course will have an assigned instructor and meeting place as well as one or more meeting days and times.


Certain sections of a course are available only to a specific cohort of students. If you must be a member of that cohort and have permission to register for that section.


The CRN is a five-digit code that is assigned to each section of a course. The CRNs for every section is listed in the Schedule of Classes.s


something that prevents you from registering for classes.