Estimated Cost of the Program

Prices subject to change.

Estimated total cost =$847.00

Health Screening from PCC Student Health Services (costs will be higher in other settings:

Administrative Fee for services - $23.00
Lab fee - $4.00 per visit
Hepatitis B vaccine - $50.00
Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine - $93.00
Tdap - $50.00
Varicella vaccine - $163.00Influenza (flu) vaccine - free
Physical exam - $25.00 (payment required in advance)
Drug Abuse 10 panel Urine Screening  $18.00 plus $9.00 Confirmatory Test (if a test is positive)
Tuberculosis skin test - $15.00 per test
Quantiferon blood test - $52.00
Consultations - free

Uniform (per set) 2 sets are recommended - 120.00

Shoes - $150.00

Name Badge - $8.00 per badge

PCC Uniform Patch - $5.00 per patch

Tuition - $46.00 per unit (for California resident)

Corporate Screening for Background check - $30.00

CPR Card - American Heart Association only $65.00

Textbooks - $100.00

Parking (per semester includes campus and clinical sites - $15.00

Financial Aid

You may use your financial aid awards to help pay for the costs of the program. However, sometimes program fees are due BEFORE you receive your financial aid award disbursement. You will still be responsible for paying the fees, but will be reimbursed once you receive your financial aid disbursement.

For questions and to apply for financial aid, visit the Financial Aid Office.