To edit content on the PCC website, you will need a user account in OU Campus. As a content contributor, you will either be assigned as  a Level 2 Contributor or a Level 3 Contributor.

Level 2 Contributors

Every page must be assigned a Level 2 Contributor. The Level 2 Contributor is in charge of updating the content for the page(s) they have been assigned. As a Level 2 Contributor, you can be responsible for multiple pages, as well as multiple sections. Additionally, there can be multiple Level 2 Contributors within a section.

Level 2 Responsibilities

  • Update/edit content for the sections that you have been assigned.
  • Edit/update the hours and general contact information for the area to which you have been assigned.
  • Use the Writing Style Guide to help you edit and/or develop any content that needs to be added to your pages.
  • Use the Visual Style Guide to make sure your changes are consistent with design style guidelines
  • Replace existing documents and remove documents as needed
  • Work with Strategic Communications and Marketing for development of new pages, new images, or navigation changes.
  • Submit your pages for review when finished with your edits.
  • Make necessary changes based on feedback from your reviewer

Level 3 Contributors

Many areas will also have a Level 3 Contributor. There is only one Level 3 Contributor for each section. The Level 3 Contributor is responsible for reviewing all content updates made by the Level 2 Contributors in their section.

Level 2 Responsibilities

  • Review pages submitted to you by Level 2 Contributors.
  • Ensure that pages and content adhere to the Writing and Design style guides.
  • Provide feedback to the Level 2 Contributor on necessary changes if the pages are not yet ready to be published.
  • Submit the page for publishing to Strategic Communications and Marketing.

* A Level 3 Contributor also has access to edit pages themselves, just as a Level 2 Contributor would do.

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