As you decide which courses to register for, you will see that some have required prerequisites and/or corequisites. You will not be allowed to register for these courses unless you have fulfilled those requirements.


prerequisite is a specific level of preparation that you must have before you can take the course. In order to register for a class with prerequisites, you will need to satisfy its prerequisites before your registration date. You can satisfy prerequisites by successfully completing a college course, use AP Credit, providing your HS transcripts or in some cases taking a placement test.

If you satisfy the prerequisite by taking a class at PCC, it will automatically be cleared and you will be allowed to enroll in the class. But, if you satisfied it elsewhere, then you will need to submit a request for clearance through the Prerequisite Office.

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A corequisite is a course in which you are required to enroll at the same time that you are enrolled in another course. In the corequisite course, you gain certain skills, concepts, and/or information without which the College considers success in the concurrent course highly unlikely.

In order to register for a course with a prerequisite, make sure you register for both at the same time. Additionally, if one of the courses is already waitlisted or full, you will not be able to register for those courses.