In our ongoing efforts to ensure student privacy and security, we no longer accept document submissions through email.

All documents that need to be submitted to Admissions and Records should be uploaded using the appropriate submission link below.

General Instructions for Submitting Documents

  • Using Adobe Acrobat, please save completed PCC PDF forms by choosing File > Save As and rename the file, preferably by adding your full name.  
  • When uploading documents, please use standard file types (e.g. .pdf, .doc, .docx, .jpg, etc. )
  • Upload the renamed file using the appropriate submission link for the document you are submitting on this page

Additional Information for PCC Applications

Please use when responding to an Admissions request ( for additional information on your PCC application.

Please submit additional PCC application documents here

Concurrent Enrollment (High School Students Only)

Please use when submitting Recommendation, Medical Consent and Transcript documents for the Concurrent Enrollment process.

Please submit Concurrent Enrollment documents here

Student Information Change

 Upload documents in support of the following changes to your personal information: 

  • Legal name changes
  • Address changes
  • Social Security number additions and corrections
  • Date of birth corrections

Please submit student information change documents here

Petitions for Current Term Enrollment & Registration

Submit the following documents for Current Term Enrollment & Registration:

  • Reinstate Enrollment Priority
  • Repeat a Class
  • Enroll in Overlapping Classes

Please submit petition documents here

Petitions for Additional Units

Please submit petition documents here

Reinstate from Dismissal

For Academic Probation; Academic Dismissal; Progress Probation; Progress Dismissal; Probation for Unsatisfactory Citizenship

Please submit petition documents here

Course Audit

The deadline to audit is 30% of class meetings:

  • For 16-week classes, the deadline is the end of the 5th week.
  • For 12 & 14-week classes, the deadline is the end of the 4th week.
  • For 6 & 8-week classes, the deadline is the end of the 2nd week.

Please submit petition documents here

Special Circumstances

To request an exception to certain deadlines or procedures due to the existence of verifiable extenuating circumstances.

Please submit petition documents here

Establishing California Residency

To establish California residency for tuition purposes, you must:

  1. Be eligible to be a California resident
  2. Have one year’s physical residence in the state of California
  3. Show evidence of intent to remain in California.
  4. For students seeking reclassification from nonresident to resident status, evidence of financial independence from any nonresident of California.

Please submit California residency documents here

Enrollment Verification

Please use when requesting an official letter from Pasadena City College verifying academic information:

  1. Current enrollment
  2. Dates of attendance
  3. Previous semester enrollment
  4. Common application forms

Please submit verification document here