Attendance at First Two Class Meetings

Students must be dropped from class for failure to attend the first meeting of the class if they have not made prior arrangements directly with the instructor, and may be dropped for failure to attend the second meeting if they have not made prior arrangements directly with the instructor. Students who arrive late at the first meeting of the class may be dropped. After the first week of classes, it is the student’s responsibility to drop all classes which are no longer being attended.


Students are expected to attend all class meetings of the courses in which they are enrolled.

Attendance in a class is permitted only when the student is officially registered for the course. Credit will not be given for any class attended without being officially registered.


Students must make arrangements with instructors prior to any planned absences from class.

A student may be dropped by the instructor when absences total the number of hours the class is scheduled to meet in a two-week period. For short-term courses, students may be dropped after missing 11% of the total class hours. Three tardies may be considered equivalent to one absence.

Students are responsible for officially withdrawing from the college or dropping classes they no longer attend, and for meeting the published deadlines. Failure to drop a class may result in a grade of F.

Excessive absences after the drop or withdrawal deadlines may result in the assignment of "F" grades.

If absence is due to a contagious disease, students must be cleared through Student Health Services in Room U104.