Our department offers a wide variety of musical ensembles that you can choose from. As a member of an ensemble, you will be performing together with a group of fellow musicians in musical styles ranging from concert choir to Latin jazz ensembles. All of our performance ensembles require registering for a course. You may also be required to audition for some of our ensemble groups. 

Classical Ensembles

  • MUSC 043 Piano Ensemble
  • MUSC 044 Piano Accompanying
  • MUSC 060 College/Community Orchestra
  • MUSC 062 Lancer Concert Band
  • MUSC 063 Concert Choir
  • MUSC 064 Chamber Singers
  • MUSC 066 Madrigals
  • MUSC 070a Woodwind Ensembles
  • MUSC 070b Brass Ensembles
  • MUSC 070c Percussion Ensemble
  • MUSC 070d Trombone & Tuba Ensemble
  • MUSC 070e Chamber Music
  • MUSC 082 Guitar Ensemble
  • MUSC 133a Orchestra
  • MUSC 133b Concert Band
  • MUSC 133c Choir
  • MUSC 133e Small Groups
  • MUSC 076 Opera Production

The PCC Band

  • MUSC 054 Lancer Varsity Band
  • MUSC 055 Tournament Of Roses Band
  • MUSC 061 Lancer Marching Band

  • MUSC 062 Lancer Concert Band
  • MUSC 133b Concert Band

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Choral Ensembles

The PCC Choral Ensembles provide a variety of opportunities for all musical interests and skill levels. No matter your major or amount of vocal experience, you can find a home in the choral program. Our curriculum empowers you to become musically literate while featuring an eclectic array of musical styles and forms. Our program philosophy recognizes that music is a multi-cultural Art, the study and performance of which fosters respect for the diversity of ethnicities, beliefs, and expressions.

  • MUSC 063 Concert Choir
  • MUSC 064 Chamber Singers
  • MUSC 066 Madrigals
  • MUSC 133c Choir

Opera and Musical Theater

Explore the many aspects of being a classically trained singing actor, including: how to develop and connect to a character; how to use movement, expression and language to amplify the meaning of your text; how to build a daily routine that will serve you in your collegiate and professional singing life. Opera and Musical Theater ensembles are best suited to those singing at a collegiate level.  A casual audition on the first day of classes is required and will determine if placement in the class would be beneficial to you.

  • MUSC 067 Musical Theater Production
  • MUSC 074 Opera Workshop
  • MUSC 075 Musical Theater Workshop
  • MUSC 076 Opera Production

Classical Piano Ensemble

  • MUSC 043 Piano Ensemble
  • MUSC 044 Piano Accompanying 

Jazz and Commercial Ensembles

Gain experience rehearsing and performing a wide variety of compositions and arrangements written for both large and small ensemble sizes. Steeped in tradition while examining repertoire that includes current works, the Jazz and Commercial ensembles explore both the fun and the demands of stylistic phrasing, articulation, improvisation, harmonic and rhythmic vocabulary, and many other skills that will help prepare students to meet and exceed the expectations placed on musicians today.

  • MUSC 056 Vocal Jazz Ensemble
  • MUSC 057A Jazz Combo
  • MUSC 057B Lancer Jazz Big Band
  • MUSC 057C Studio Jazz Ensemble
  • MUSC 057E Jazz Guitar Ensemble
  • MUSC 057F Latin Jazz Ensemble
  • MUSC 057I Vocal Jazz Combo
  • MUSC 133d Performance Ensemble-Jazz