• May

    Timely Warning: Sexual Assault Investigation

    At approximately 9:10 a.m., campus police responded to a sexual assault of a non-student that occurred on the campus in the Circadian open patio. Due to the nature of the investigation, Campus Police are actively working with local law enforcement to locate the subject. The safety of our college community is our top priority. If you have any information that may assist us in this investigation or identify this suspect, please contact campus police immediately at 626-585-7484. .

  • Apr

    Attempt to Identify: 422.6/459 PC Hate Crime/Burglary

    On 04-14-2024 at approximately 0530 hours the above pictured suspect #1 (male long sleeve, pants, no hood) entered the PCC R-building and proceeded to the fourth floor outside of room 422 (the PCC LGBTQ Pride center) and removed the Pride flag from the hand railing. The flag was dropped to the ground; four floors below, where suspect #2 (male hooded sweatshirt, pants) was waiting to receive the flag. Both suspects left the PCC campus westbound toward Hill Avenue at 0539 hours with suspect #1 holding what appeared to be the pride flag.

  • Mar

    Attempt to Identify: 417(a)(1) PC Brandishing a Weapon

    On 3-25-2024 at approximately 1220 hours the above pictured suspect confronted two male students unprovoked in lot 4, level 5, and brandished a knife.

  • Aug

    Attempt to Identify: 243.5 PC Battery School Grounds

    On 08-23-2023 at approximately 1510 hours, the pictured suspect approached the victim at the Metro Bus stop and began to yell at the victim without provocation. The suspect spat in the victim's face and attempted to punch the victim with his right fist; however, he stopped short of making contact with the victim's face. The suspect fled the scene, on foot, southbound into the PCC campus, and then exited PCC property eastbound crossing Bonnie Avenue. If the above person is seen on PCC properties contact Pasadena City College Police Department immediately by calling 626-585-7484. If you have any information regarding the suspect or this incident please contact Det. Robins at 626-585-7629 or tjrobins@pasadena.edu

  • Feb

    Follow Up to Feb. 4 Building Lockdown Bulletin

    Follow Up Notice to Building Lockdown Safety Bulletin for Threatening Behavior on February 4, 2022 . PCCPD Case #2022-00014. Summary: The above listed individual made verbal threats to staff and students on Feb. 4, 2022. Mr. Haddad has been served with a letter of suspension, and is prohibited from being present on any District owned properties and is subject to arrest for violating the order. If you observe Mr. Haddad on any District owned property, please immediately call Campus Police Dispatch at (626) 585-7484.

  • Feb

    Safety Bulletin Regarding Building Lockdown

    On 2-4-2022, at approximately 11:30 a.m., an incident occurred inside the Center for the Arts building involving students and staff members. During class, a student experienced an emotional outburst and made verbal threats against students and staff members who were present. Campus Police was immediately notified and responded. Upon arrival Campus Police were informed the individual had left the classroom. A RAVE Alert was initiated. As a safety precaution the Center for the Arts Building was placed on lockdown while an extensive search was conducted. At approximately 1320 hrs., the subject was located off campus by Campus Police. The lockdown was lifted and there is no ongoing threat to the campus community.

  • Nov

    Timely Warning: Attempted Kidnap

    At approximately 3:50 p.m., an attempted kidnap occurred in front of a classroom in the R building, on the third floor. As the victim was about to enter a classroom, the suspect was passing by and confronted the victim by grabbing her wrist and attempting to pull her away from the door. The victim was eventually able to free herself from the suspect and entered her classroom. The suspect was startled by the presence of other students in the classroom and fled the area. The suspect is not known to the victim.

  • May

    Safety Bulletin

    An altercation occurred today off-campus at Hill Street and Green Street at approximately 12:20 p.m. During the altercation it was reported that one of the individuals assaulted the other with a knife. The suspect was allegedly seen entering campus via Tennis Hill. Campus Police notified staff members on campus to shelter in place while a complete search of the campus was conducted by officers. At approximately 1:45 p.m. today, the suspect was located by Pasadena Police Dept. on Meridith Ave. just south of Colorado Blvd. and was taken into custody. There are no outstanding suspects, and there are no additional safety concerns for the campus.

  • Oct

    Follow Up to Safety Bulletin Posted October 21, 2019

    On October 21, 2019 Pasadena City College Campus Police sent out a Safety Bulletin regarding reports of suspicious encounters on campus with individuals seeking to engage in religious based conversations. The individuals involved were using the term “God the Mother” during the discussions. Concerns were reported by students that the group was involved in cult like activity based on information obtained via social media. Since the original posting of the Safety Bulletin, and thanks to an engaged, alert campus community, we were able to identify and interview the individuals regarding their activity on campus. A representative from the organization was interviewed in person by Campus Police, and provided verification that they are affiliated with “The World Mission Society Church of God”. The representative for the organization stated they have been subjected to malicious, unsubstantiated rumors spread by social media. Based on this interview, as well as additional follow up with other law enforcement agencies, Pasadena City College Campus Police has determined that no criminal activity related to this organization has been substantiated, and no criminal activity related to this group has occurred on our campus. We would like to remind our Campus Community that the presence of any organization on campus does not necessarily constitute an endorsement, but merely reflects our support and adherence to everyone’s right to free speech.

  • Oct

    Safety Bulletin: Suspicious Activity

    On October 16, 2019, Pasadena City College Campus Police received an anonymous report of suspicious activity through our Lancer Anonymous Tip Reporting web page, also known as “L.A.T.R.” (https://pasadena.edu/police-and-college-safety/latr.php ) The anonymous report stated that on Wednesday, October 16th, at approximately 6:15 p.m., the reporting party was approached by 2 females on campus who stated they were PCC students and began asking religious based questions, and reading aloud passages that spoke of a “Mother of God”. The reporting party became concerned because she had heard rumors of a group using the “Mother of God” name that were allegedly engaged in cult like behavior. The encounter was reported to have occurred at the “second quad near the food store”. Both females were described as possibly Hispanic. #1 early 20’s, 5’2, “pudgy” build, dark brown hair, wearing a black long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, carrying a pink backpack. #2 mid 50-60’s, 5’4, thin build, brown hair, wearing a black and yellow dress with an unknown color blazer. On October 18, 2019, a second anonymous report was received via our Lancer Anonymous Tip Reporting web page, reporting a similar suspicious encounter by 2 males. This second encounter was said to have occurred four days prior, on October 14, 2019, at 9:00 p.m. The reporting party stated they were approached by 2 males near the R Building asking if they had heard of “God the Mother”, and attempted to obtain the reporting party’s phone number. Both males were reported to be Latino, in their early 20’s, 5’10, black hair, 140 lbs., both subjects were said to be dressed in formal attire, “church goer clothing”. The delay in reporting both incidents was significant (1 hour delay, and 4 day delay respectively). However, upon receipt of this information, Campus Police responded to the area described in the anonymous tips, and were unable to locate any individuals matching the descriptions given. The individuals involved may be a legitimate religious organization proselytizing on campus. Pasadena City College Campus Police would like to encourage anyone who has a similar encounter to contact campus police without delay, so that we may make contact with the individuals and alleviate concerns, or take appropriate action as necessary.