In an online or hybrid class most of your readings and assignments will be in PCC’s Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas, so you need to make certain that you will have access to a computer and Internet often enough to complete your course. (You’ll usually need to log in every day or two). 

To borrow a laptop and find information about Wifi access, please visit the student information page.

Review specific requirements related to computers, Internet, web browsers, plug-ins, and peripherals on the Technology Requirements page.

When you select a class, make sure to see if there are any required class meetings (either online or in person) on specific days and times each week that you will be required to attend.

Take note of any additional information or requirements for your course.

Look in the Schedule of Classes for on-campus meetings or other specific instructions. Further details about each section are available by clicking the CRN link.

[IMG: schedule_of_classes.png]

In face-to-face classes, if you don’t make it to the first day of class your instructor will drop you from the course. But you’re taking an online or hybrid class, so how does that work? What does the first day of class mean?

In an online/hybrid class your instructor will give you information about what you need to do to check in to the class (often in either or both the Welcome Letter and the course Welcome Announcement). This is usually a specific course Check-In Assignment, which could be something like introducing yourself to the class in a discussion forum or taking a self-assessment/survey about the course materials.

A course check-in is like when you travel by plane and check in online. Just checking in online to get your boarding pass isn't enough -- you still need to show up in person to get on board and reach your destination. In online and hybrid classes it's the same. Simply accessing your course by the check-in due date is not enough – you’ll also have to participate and 'show up' in the class.

You can send your instructor a message using Canvas’ Conversations tool (also known as Inbox).  Conversations is an internal messaging tool used to communicate with others inside a Canvas course. It’s a good idea to adjust your notification preferences so that you are alerted to any new messages via email and/or phone.

If you don't see your courses on your Canvas dashboard it is most likely because:

  • It’s more than 7 days before the start of the term.

    Students have access to their courses on the first day of the term. In some cases instructors will allow students to view the courses up to 7 days prior to the start of a semester. For the majority of courses the first day you will have access is the first day of the class (date published in the schedule of classes).
  • You just recently added the course.

    Canvas refreshes adds/drops and new enrollments every few hours.  If you’ve just recently added a class in LancerPoint, please wait a few hours before checking for it on your Canvas dashboard.

  • You just applied to the college.
    • If you are a new student at PCC, you will not be able to log in to Canvas until you’ve registered for your first class.
    • For new students it may take up to 24 hours after registering for a class before you’re able to log in to Canvas.

The State of California’s Online Education Initiative (OEI) has developed an innovative set of interactive tutorials and tools, which may increase your chances of success in any online course.

Whether this is your first time taking online classes, or you have taken a few online courses in the past, these tutorials are interactive, helpful, and tailored to your needs to help you prepare for online classes!

Begin Interactive Tutorials 

You can update your Canvas profile to include your personal pronouns. Once you do, they will appear next to your name in a variety of locations throughout Canvas. 

Instructions: How to select personal pronouns in Canvas

NameCoach is a Canvas-integrated tool which allows you to record the proper pronunciation of your name in Canvas.  It also allows you to select personal pronouns.

Instructions: How to use NameCoach to select personal pronouns and record your name.