Get ready for your online classes and enhance the academic and technical skills you need for success in the online learning environment! 

The State of California’s Online Education Initiative (OEI) has developed an innovative set of interactive tutorials and tools, which may increase your chances of success in any online course. 

Whether this is your first time taking online classes, or you have taken a few online courses in the past, these tutorials are interactive, helpful, and tailored to your needs to help you prepare for online classes!

Interactive Tutorials


Participating in activities in your online classes, such as posting online discussion boards or participating in live ConferZoom sessions, are important learning activities required in almost all online courses. These forums offer everyone a chance to contribute their thoughts about the content being studied as well as to reflect on the ideas of others in the class.

Engaging in a healthy discussion while employing Netiquette builds community, allows students time to consider ideas and incorporate research into their response, and develops critical thinking and writing skills necessary for success in college and beyond.

Learn more about PCC's Online Course Netiquette Guidelines