STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) courses are for students planning to major in programs that require calculus.

To meet your GE math requirement, you only need one math course. However, STEM majors are often required to take more math courses. Your placement will determine which course you start with.

You may not need to take all the courses listed below. Your educational goals and major will require specific courses. Please check your Educational Plan or see a counselor to make sure you are taking the courses that best meet your needs.

Programs that Require STEM Math Courses

The STEM Math Sequence

The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math sequence of math classes is as follows: Math 003 “College Algebra for STEM” is 5 units and is transferrable.  Students can elect to take a 0.5 unit, non-transferrable support course Math 103 “Support for College Algebra.”  After successfully passing Math 003, students would move onto Math 008 “Precalculus Trigonometry”, a 4-unit college-level class that is not UC Transferrable.

Alternatively, students could start at Math 009 “Precalculus”, a transferrable, 6-unit course.

After successfully passing Math 008 or Math 009, students could then move onto Math 005A “Single Variable Calculus 1”, a 5-unit transferrable course.  The next course in the sequence is Math 005B “Single Variable Calculus 2”, a 5-unit transferrable course.  Students can also select to take Math 022 “Discrete Mathematics”, a 4-unit transferrable course after completing Math 005A.

After successfully passing Math 005B, students can take one of three options.

  • Option 1: Math 005C “Multivariable Calculus”, a 5-unit transferrable course that completes the Calculus sequence of courses.
  • Option 2: Math 010 “Linear Algebra and Applications”, a 4-unit transferrable course.
  • Option 3: Math 055 “Differential Equations”, a 4-unit transferrable course.

Please meet with a counselor if you have questions about which course to take for your major, or where to begin in the sequence.

Our course offerings and schedule vary each semester. Please use the links below for a complete course listing.


At PCC, we want to see you succeed. We have several options for support while you complete your math classes.

Support Course
Math 003 paired with a MATH 103 provides additional support for students taking Math 003. Please register for Math 003 paired with Math 103 if you feel you would benefit from this additional class time.
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Still not sure which sequence to follow?

Read more about "What Math Class I Should I Take?" to see how to pick the best sequence for you.

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